SFX/USL1149-x .

The SFX/USL1149-x are Boundary Scan controllers for USB 2.0 and LAN.


SFX-TAP7 was specifically designed for testing, debugging and programming in the development environment. It has up to seven parallel, independent TAPs combined with three SCANFLEX® I/O Slots as well as a number of additional resources and special functions.


The SFX-5350 is a differential I/O module with 50 channels. Due to its integrated VarioCore® technique it can be variously configured as an onboard programmer, test device, or a tool for verification.

PCBA Functional Test Fixture Fabrications

We have just venture our business into the fabrication functional test fixture fabrication to support the pcba testing facility. This new venture allows integration of our state of the art boundary scan testing hardware together with the product functional test. Simply email us your product test specifications along with the product schematics information and we will configure the test fixture for the test.