Building Services


The Measurable Advantages

Outsourcing allows companies to focus on their core competencies instead of wasting time learning non-core functions
By using external sources services, a company can increases its core competency differentiation.
Companies that outsource typically show a 20% improvement in quality and reliability.
Cost of typically improves ranging from 15% to 20%.
Flexibility and responsiveness are improved due to
  • Better focus on job required
  • More expertise personnel dedicated on the projects
  • Reduced purchasing lead times
  • Reduced overheads
  • Turnover typically jumps exponentially

But, finding the right solution partner is crucial to the success of your outsourcing program.

You can be assured that on projects assignment, dedicated personnel will be assigned to the projects to ensure timely
completion and delivery of relevant documents to meet your needs. As such when you work with us, you will inevitably benefit the following:

Needless to make huge investments in office equipment,
Needless to worry if you need to update your computer timely to ensure speedy work processing,
Needless to keep pace with project changes requiring sudden changes when crew maybe busy on other projects,
Needless to recruit, train and manage skilled personnel to meet client stringent flexible needs.



Outsource your QS works to take advantage of the benefit of outsourcing. Our quantity surveyors are armed with well over 20 years of industries experience and had undertaken multimillion dollars projects.

The team of professional consultants will coordinate the costs of building projects and provides professional advice in connection with the feasibility of proposed projects undertaken.

Our quantity surveying professionals work closely with partnering building consultants such as architects, engineers, etc. and not forgetting the assigned main and sub building contractors, suppliers and the like.

The works includes preparing estimates, feasibility studies and budgets for building projects. We will also prepare the bills of quantities and other tender documentation for competitive tendering for your projects.

This includes (list non exhaustive):

Negotiating building contracts.
Advising on and preparing contract documentation.
Monitoring and reporting on cost for the duration of the projects.
Determining final costs of projects.
Preparing property valuations mainly for insurance purpose
Concluding contracts on completion of projects.

When we are preparing the estimates, cost control will always be in our mind and our primary function.

M & E Works

Do not know what is necessary or essential for submitting that correct document for the authority for approval? Worry no more.

Contact us and you can leverage on our know how to solve your problem so that the correct authority will make that ultimate approval process silky smooth.

Our executives are practitioners that go on site to validate and verify the works to be done. Documentations are always the important backbone component in any work done. Don’t forget that these documents are our lifeline to progressive advantage differentiation to your peers.

Whether it is for plumbing, flooring or renovation erection works, we will not compromise on the safety of the occupants. We will consolidate the necessary documents to the appropriate authority for their review and subsequent approval. On account of inadequate information provision, we are here to provide the comprehensive service to ensure the entire package is ready prior submission.